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Teaching the Principles that are Responsible for America's Great Success.




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George Washington

"The Father of Our Country"

"A primary object... should be the education of our youth in the science of government. And what duty more pressing... than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?"

Mission Statement

  • Our purpose is to instruct students and families on the true principles of liberty as established by the framers of the Constitution that promote peace and prosperity.
  • We want to empower the next generation through education in the "science of government" to appreciate the significance of "We the People" and People's Rule of Law vs.Tyranny and Ruler's Law.
  • Volunteer teachers with age-appropriate material will give students a working knowledge of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We will alsobring to light the characteristics of the great statesmen who founded ournation so as to promote patriotism today.
  • Knowledge of self-evident truths and the proper role of government will inspire students and families to become defenders of liberty and justice and to take an active role in government.

Volunteer Organization Providing:

In Class Lessons on the Constitution

Tools and Training for Teaching

  • Offering lessons to public, charter, private and home school groups.
  • PowerPoint presentations developed to engage students of all ages.
  • Engaging activities, fascinating historical stories, and impressive visual aids bring clarity to principles being taught.
  • Teacher Training Workshop - prepare volunteers to join the CitC team of teachers.
  • Five lessons are available for each of the following levels:

Beginners: Constitution Kids - 60 min. lesson for 3rd - 5th Grades

Intermediate: Constitution Defenders - 75 min. lessons for 6th-8th Grades

Advanced: Constitution and Civics Scholars - 50 min. class period lessons for High School

Adults:Constitution Patriots - 90 min. advanced lessons for teens and patriotic adults



Special Note: CitC lessons do not contain any discussions of political parties,
candidates, politicians, officials in office, or of current contentious subjects.!